White Fence Farm
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Fried chicken in Denver
joe - 2008-12-03 18:59:14

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good: corn fritters
bad: the rest of the food

We went to White Fence Farm for our company Christmas party. I heard many mixed reviews about it so I was excited to try it for myself.

It's country style food which is not my favorite, but can be good if done right. To start they bring out a bunch of sides as sort of like appetizers which included cole slaw, kidney bean salad, cottage cheese, pickled beets, and corn fritters. All that food was ok, kind of bland, but ok. The exception to that was the corn fritters, which were excellent.

For the main course we had the choice of fried chicken or broiled cod. I chose the chicken and I was somewhat disappointed. The meat was a little dry and didn't have any flavor.

Overall we had a great time because of the people we were with. And the building was pretty neat. But as far as the food goes I can get better fried chicken at the grocery store.

verdict: probably won't go back
recommeded: no