Del Taco
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tacos and french fries
joe - 2008-11-23 16:15:46

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good: carbon tacos
bad: french fries at a taco joint

I have always been skeptical about eating at a place that has tacos and fries together in a combo meal. That's exactly what Del Taco has on its menu. I once said that I would never eat there because it seemed weird. Well looks like I am a liar because I just had me some Del Taco and it was delicious. My friend had it the other day and it smelled really good. So I had to try it to see if it was as good as it smelled. And let me tell you it was! I had the carbon tacos and they were delicious. The tacos were made with grilled steak,cilantro, onions, and sauce on two small corn tortillas. I definitely will eat there again but I won't be getting fries.

verdict: will eat there again
recommeded: yes