why joepinions.com
I created joepinions.com because I wanted a place on the internet where I could get the opinions of real people. Now you are probably gonna say, "There are already several websites out there where you can find reviews." Or "Many of the big online retailers let you read and post reviews." Here are my reasons why I felt there was a need for this site:
  1. Some websites only offer expert reviews and don't let you post your own opinion. And some make you pay for their reviews.
  2. Those websites that do allow for you to give your review, only let you review stuff in their database.
  3. The online merchants that have reviews, only allow you to read and post reviews of products they carry.
  4. For certain items, you have to go to several sites to get a sufficient number of opinions.
  5. I didn't want a site that was linked to online shopping. You can go anywhere on the internet to shop.

how it works
joepinions.com is set up so the users decide what is to be reviewed. If there is a product or a service or an event or anything that you have an opinion about you can post it here. First, search the database for the thing you want to review. If you find it, add your opinion. If you don't find it, you add the item and your opinion. If you find a duplicate item, flag it and we will merge the two. It's that simple.